In Our Food by william


Beef Brisket, for us here at Smokey Mac BBQ this is the King of the meats! This is the meat we like to bring out when we want to impress!

We use the very best brisket available: USDA brisket from the USA which has the perfect amount of marbling for that irresistible melt in the mouth, pull apart tenderness. We rub our Brisket in our Texas style rub and smoke over oak wood for around 15 hours.

The Brisket is the pectoral muscle of a steer of which they have two, one on each side. These muscles do so much work, supporting the enormous weight of the animal. This means it has lots of flavour but unless it is cooked properly it can be very tough. It needs to be slow cooked for many hours to break down all the fat, resulting in the most tender, flavourful bit if meat you have ever tasted!

When choosing a beef product for a party, have you often had that problem where you love the taste of beef but some people like it rare as it’s more tender, but then some people like well done because they freak out at blood? We have a solution, that is brisket. This is because when it is slow smoked perfectly, this is the most tender piece of beef you can have, but it is technically very ‘well done’ so everybody wins!

Unlike steak, this beast of a cut has far more flavour too, much beefier and richer, think wagyu steak, but even softer. so soft that with almost no force at all you can pull it apart with four fingers. Now that’s what i call luxury!

Served on its own with pickles and sides or in one of our brioche buns from our award winning local bakery.

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