pulled pork

Pulled Pork

In Our Food by william

The Finest Pulled Pork

Pulled pork, pretty much a global phenomenon right now. You’ve tried the rest, now sample the best!

We rub our huge pork shoulders with our sweet and savoury bbq rub, then slow smoke over oak, cherry or apple wood for that authentic bbq taste. If its not smoked over real wood, its not bbq!

This isn’t that tasteless, bland mushy pork that you may have had elsewhere. This is the very best in slow smoked bbq, this is our super popular, super tasty Smokey Mac pulled pork! Think of this as the Petr Čech of bbq, the ever reliable player that always puts in a shift and quite often carries the team.

Our pork is so juicy and tender because we keep all of its cooking juices to mix in at the end, which results in a really rich, moist product. The dry rub we use hits all those notes that you crave, a little sweet, a little savoury with a bit of a kick. Then you get that sweet smokey taste that kicks in from the real wood that it’s been smoking over for the last 18 hours! All of our wood is sourced locally and sustainably too, which is something we feel strongly about.

This goes great on its own with some sides or in a brioche bun from our award winning local bakery, topped with home made slaw and bbq sauce.

Below you can get an idea of what our pulled pork buns look like, we don’t mess around, we don’t do wussy portions. We just like to make people happy and have something to remember for years to come.

Enquire now to find out why we often have the longest queues at food festivals and why people leave with the biggest smiles on their faces (albeit sticky bbq faces!)