Hey guys, we’re Ashley and Kaz and we are the people that bring you Smokey Mac BBQ along with a select group of awesome friends that help out.

We’ve been into bbq for a good few years now, and over the past few years have really honed our low and slow skills. It was at our wedding when we had a similar company cater for us, they inspired us to start our own bbq catering company and bring great bbq to the wonderful public.

We’re both big foodies, and since meeting 10 years ago have always enjoyed preparing amazing meals for both our selves and friends. We both appeared on Jamie Oliver’s tv show ‘Money saving meals’ where he met us at home and shared some great tips and his love of food with us.

Kaz was also recently on a new show called ‘Humble Pie’ being featured on ‘Watch’. WHICH SHE WON! She had the opportunity to cook for Marco Pierre White and the rest of the team.

Our mission is simple, to deliver to you the best possible real bbq food, cooked low and slow delivering unrivalled taste and tenderness.

Ashley & Kaz


Ashley is the main BBQ cook of Smokey Mac BBQ, some call him the ‘meat man’ for his love of all things meaty. Ashley is the one that gets up throughout the night, putting different cuts of meat on the smoker, wrapping meat early in the morning and running outside probing huge briskets for tenderness and pork shoulders for that perfect temperature!

He is the main man when it comes to grilling too, whether it be grilling wings for 100+ people, grilling a special steak at an event or generally just getting smoke in his eyes.

Ashley’s favourite things to do:

  • Spend time with his Son Franklin and wife Kaz
  • BBQ
  • Game of Thrones
  • Get tattooed by Lukey wolf at Seven doors London
  • Watch Arsenal
  • Listen to Metal and hip hop music

Ashley’s Favourite food:

  • Steak (Preferably dry aged rib eye)
  • Burgers
  • Brisket
  • Indian
  • Chocolate


Kaz is the official meat maiden of Ashley and Smokey Mac BBQ. She is often found on her phone, or in the kitchen preparing all the fantastic sides that we offer. She knows her way around a vegetable!

She definitely doesn’t get up in the night to tend meat, rather gets up to change nappies.

Kaz is basically the Alex Ferguson of mums, training up our future heir to the Smokey mac throne our little dude Franklin. Rather than throw the hairdryer at him when he’s misbehaving, he usually gets a nice slab of meat to keep a smile on his face.

Kaz’s favourite things to do:

  • Make Franklin happy
  • Stare at her phone
  • Poker tournaments
  • Listen to terrible music…….My heart will go on (oh dear)
  • Cook the best roast dinner known to man
  • Family time

Kaz’s Favourite Food:

  • Roast Dinner (specifically Yorkshire puddings)
  • Steak
  • Japanese rice crackers
  • Ribs
  • Crisps


Now Tam, whilst not officially Smokey mac (not legally married to us) he is integral to our team. This Brazilian heart breaker is the hardest working guy we know. His passion for food, customer service and babes is superior to any human. Tam can often be found washing up, or making people laugh. He is also a very proud dad and beef connoisseur.

Tam’s Favourite things to do:

  • Listen to hairspray metal
  • Spend time with his amazing Son
  • Get the dates
  • Unleash justice

Tam’s Favorite Food:

  • Brisket
  • Picanha
  • Cheese on toast
  • Brisket
  • Brisket