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St Albans Christmas Lights 2015

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St Albans Christmas Lights Switch On

We were back in St Albans, just as it started to get cold for the St Albans Christmas lights switch on! Having learnt our lesson from the summer event, we were back with much more BBQ Street food and more staff to cope with the demand and reduce waiting times.

It was a cold morning starting out, we didn’t really know how it was going to go or if it would be as busy as the event in September. Luckily we had one of our smokers with us, so we fired up the pit and got started on finishing up our products. It was really nice to have that warm heat going on a frosty morning.

We were fortunate to have some great traders next to us too, on one side there was a stall selling some great indian food and on the other some guys selling real good thai food. It always helps having friendly traders next to you, especially when you can swap food for your lunch!

So once we had set up and got the pit going, it was about 11:00 and we knew it would be quiet for the next hour or so. We didn’t actually sell anything until gone 12:00, so we started to worry a little. We needn’t worry though as over the next couple of hours the lunch time trade started to roll in and it was full steam ahead!

Once it got to about 4:00 there was a crazy rush of people flooding in, waiting to see the St Albans christmas lights be switched on by Eastenders bad boy Jake wood (Max Branning). It didn’t let up until about 6:00 when we finally sold out!

What a great day it was, started out slow but ended on a mad rush! People were giving us great feedback on our food, which was so nice to hear.

Hopefully we’ll be back in St Albans again soon to offer up the finest American style BBQ food once again!