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St Albans Food & Drink Festival October 2nd 2016

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St Albans Food Festival October 2nd 2016 – We’re back!

Here we are, back again! with a bang. We love the St Albans food festival as its always such a fun day with lots of hungry people. Come check us out again this year to try some of our specials. We’ve got some fantastic steak on offer this year along with our classic low & slow smoked treats, come early though as it won’t last long!

Last years food festival

This event was our first big food festival, we really didn’t know what to expect. We have lived around the area for many years and been to St Albans on many occasions. Having been to the regular market, we knew that it was a busy town and people love coming out to see real good quality local food and produce.

We got the opportunity to have a stall at the food festival and we were delighted to give it a go. We didn’t really know how much food to bring, seeing as this was our first real busy festival. We decided to not go too over the top but plan for a fairly busy day, serving authentic American style BBQ such as pulled pork, pulled beef and mac & cheese.

It really was a crazy weekend, as we had a wedding in Brighton the day before and we didn’t get home until 12am. We then had to wash up for 2 hours and get everything ready to leave at 8am that morning! Fortunately some of our team stayed back home to prep everything for the food festival whilst we worked the wedding.

That morning when we were getting ready, it was a lovely sunny day and we were excited to see what was in store later that day!

We got to the St Albans food festival early and were set up and ready to go by 11am. We didn’t expect to open until at least 12pm, but the public were hungry! we started selling just after 11am and by 2:30 we had sold out!We had the longest queue around, with people waiting up to 30 minutes to be served!

One of our team ended up driving to our suppliers and getting more food so we could carry on trading. So after a short interval we were back at it!

We had completely sold out again by 6pm and all exhausted. This was a great day, and a great learning curve. Next time bring more meat!

The St Albans Food & Drink Festival is an annual event with many artisan food and drink stalls and is free for the public to attend. People were certainly out in force that day!


st albans food stallst albans food stall