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Sticky BBQ Ribs

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Glorious BBQ Ribs

Who doesn’t like BBQ ribs!?

We love to cook St louis style spare ribs and Memphis style baby back ribs all coated in our special sweet ‘n’ savoury Smokey Mac house rub then glazed in our ‘Langley Liquor’ Kansas city style bbq sauce. Remember those ribs you used to get at a certain American casual dining restaurant on a Friday? Yeah forget about those, our ribs are on another planet.

We smoke our pork ribs over cherry or apple wood for that sweet but subtle smokey bbq flavour. Whether you prefer the extra meaty St Louis style or extra tender Baby back ribs, we’ve got you covered. The only thing you have to worry about is how much bbq sauce will be around your face after indulging in the Stickiest, smokiest, meatiest tender ribs in town!

bbq ribs

We also do Beef ribs for those with a big appetite!
Usually big enough to share so great for smaller parties.

We only use the very best beef ribs too, USDA beef ribs from the USA or Australian Beef ribs as their cows are bigger and have much more marbling!

If you are having a smaller party with less choice of food, then the American USDA beef ribs should be your go to choice, as these guys are huge! think dinosaur ribs! Each rib is big enough to feed 2 normal people or one Ashley (i’m really greedy) .

If you have a larger size party then the Australian Ribs are great as they are slightly smaller and the perfect size for one person.

As all of our beef ribs are grain fed, this ensures they have a substantial amount of marbling that renders out beautifully when cooked you can be sure these will be the juiciest, richest most tender ribs you have ever tried! These really are another level, a real treat for any guest.
bbq ribs

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